How to gain exposure for your business on Google

Have you ever thought about what it takes to get first page ranking on Google? There is a lot that goes into the Google algorithm, but equation is pretty simple when it comes down to it. Good, quality content plus lots of shareable content that people are actually “voting for” with their links back to your site. If you have some thing worth sharing then lots of people will share it or at least point back to you as a resource of information or an idea. You may see companies that try to employ what’s called black hat SEO tactics, which are basically trying to scheme Google system. There is no way that you should do that because in the Long term  unless you know what your doing because you’re going to end up hurting yourself and hurting your website.

But just remember Google isn’t the only search engine. Just recently being raised 20% market share, because I believe it is not gain the trust of users and people want an alternative. So Microsoft’s Bing is an alternative to a search engine such as Google.

But when people are going on Google, they’re mostly looking for answers to that question. For example, they’ve broken their iPhone and are in need of an iPhone Repair. One company who does a great job at optimizting their site for Local searches is iPhone Repair San Diego. They put themselves in a position to where their visitors are looking a lot of times for more information and to do research. Compare that to the search engine of yelp for example. Yelp is a local review site that does legal extortion for the most part because they force businesses to pay for advertising to increase their rankings, and businesses that don’t even want to be on there and have bad rankings and lose a ton of money and Mark lose a ton of money market share as a result of what people are saying about them on there. And most times as you very well know people are going to leave a review for the likely if they are upset with something. So how crazy is that that you might have been in business serving customers happily 50 years maybe let’s say you know 90 to 95% of them are happy but one or two out of 100 has a bad experience with you or even one or two out of 1000 and then what happens?

That review on yelp it’s stuck for year! I see reviews dating back from 2006, so for 10 years now businesses will be hard for practices are mistakes or whatever May 10 years ago and so you have to take this very seriously very firm. For example I was just talking with the pest-control company, and they were saying about how they’re very frustrated with their yelp right. There are 1.5 star company and they have about 20 bad reviews, so there were a lot of upset people but those reviews were getting back from years ago so a lot of people now have change their mind actually just haven’t gotten to review the site again or the business again. So how messed up is that?

So do what you can and learn what you can on your own, or contact us to see if we can help you with your SEO strategy.