The most lucrative Internet based business

Hey everybody, today we will be talking about the most lucrative Internet based business model that is out there today.

Welcome back to our blog and we hope that the information we have to share today is something that you can benefit from highly. Without further ado let’s get started.

So today we will be covering the business model of local lead generation. This is a business model that has been around for probably the last 50 years but obviously it has changed as technology has improved. Nowadays the best way to generate local leads is  through these great big program that we love to call Google.  We just want to start by saying that locally generation has been around forever and it is a business model that is never going to go out of style, it will just change as technology progresses. Local lead generation used to be based off paper ads but know that Google has taken over the world, all the advertising is there. So here is the concept. It is very simple and all it is is that you rank a website in Google for a service type industry, and then as  it gets up to the top of the first page the website generates calls. Know what you do is you take those phone calls and you sell them to a business owner. Once you have collected a client for those phone calls on a monthly basis, you now have a residual income for the rest of your life.  Pretty simple business concept right?

You see first page rankings and Google is the gift that keeps on giving. The difference between locally generation now and what it was back in the day is that 50 years ago it is something you had to keep working out and working at to get those leads to keep coming in. With Google though, it is something you set up once  and forget about because that billboard website will always be glued to that front page to stay there. It is like you have a billboard that is just sitting on the side of the freeway but you’re using the Internet traffic lanes. Face it, paper,  Radio, phonebook and all other types of advertising are becoming obsolete every single day. When somebody needs a service done all they do is going to Google and type in I need a carpet cleaner and they find a carpet cleaner. What’s crazy is that the best  thing about these leads is that they are as hot as it gets. You have to realize that the people searching this want to bees jobs done immediately!  That should make it every more reason easy for you to sell this to a business owner.

This is not a free type of business model, it does take money to start up. It does not take much, but it takes a little bit of capital. That also takes us back to our first post though when we were saying that you are going to need anywhere between five and $10,000 to start these businesses that we recommend.  Do you think about it, in the grand scheme of things, that is not a lot of money to start a multimillion dollar business out of. Back in the day when people try to start businesses they needed millions of dollars to get going. No all you need is an Internet connection,  A computer, and a little bit of money to invest into the sites to get them ranked on the first page of Google. Later in this blog we will teach you some of the SEO tactics that we know so that you can apply them to these websites and get them ranked immediately so you can start raking in the cash!

Once we have showed you how you can save up that five to $10,000 you will be right in the clear and will be well on your way to making millions!

We have shared some very valuable information with you today and we hope that you were able to take something good from it. We know recommend that you go out and learn how to build websites so that you can have a kickstart to this business when you have the money to invest.