How to build your lead GEN business

Welcome back everybody and we are picking up from the last blog that we posted a couple days ago. Last time we spoke we talked about the perfect Internet business. We decided that it was a local lead generation business for service type of industries such as general contractors, dentists, carpet cleaning etc.

There are a few steps to building your lead generation business but it is a process that is very simple. We have dumbed it down into a simple three step process. That is your rank a site, getting phone calls, and then you sell those calls to a business owner. That’s basically what a legion ration businesses, sounds complicated right?

There are a few different steps to ranking a website and that is a three-step process as well and we will share that with you right now.

  1.  Building the website. This is the easiest part of the process because you can just use a simple drag and drop website builder that will do the job just fine. So you will want to learn how to use a drag and drop and then create your lead generation website.  The format you want to create the website in is that it looks like a legitimate business that is set up in the area. In reality it is just a virtual portal to a different business. The way you want to optimize your side to say that it will rank is by giving it’s plenty of organic keyword rich content. That means a good 5 to 10,000 words on a website.  You want to the content to be very keyword specific as well. This is the most important part of the ranking process.
  2.  Citations-a citation is the sighting of your businesses name address and phone number so that the directories can make a listing of you. Citation is a listing in a business directory basically. And what citations do is that they are the ones  that make you rank in the map pack which is the most viewed area on Google. What do you want to do is find out how many citations your competition has and then completely one of them. So if you find out that the top dog in the area has 150 citations, then go ahead and do 400 to completey  blow him out of the water.
  3.  Off site S EO for your website-what we mean by this is doing black hat S EO tactics to get your website ranked to the top of Google. We use one method for this and that is a private blog network. This is the most powerful and dangerous SEO  strategy currently out there. To build up a private blog network means you buy influential expired domains and then rebuild blogs on those. Once you are done building those info flu uncial blogs then you point links from them to your lead generation site. After you  have a good 10 or so links to your money site it will be super glued to page 1.

Those right there are your basics to building a perfect lead generation business. This business model is completely straightforward and literally anybody can build it that’s how lucrative it is. It is very simple concept so don’t over complicate things remembered the three-step process of how to rank a website and you will be solid. As long as you can so leads to people you are bound to be a multimillionaire!

by the way, a good website builder to start on would be one called Square Make sure you go and give them a look because they are the platform that inspired us to start this business.